Simple seems like it should be easy, but it’s not. Simplicity in rightsumi is all about removing that which is not needed.

Think about Michelangelo and his David sculpture. He started with a big block of marble and using a hammer and a chisle he carved away everything that didn’t need to remain.

Think about Apple’s iPod. Before the iPod, a mp3 player meant buttons, lots of buttons. Then the iPod design team approached the problem from another angle — namely, what was the least amount of complexity that had to be expressed in order to still be able to play music? What could go, and what was in fact essential?

Simplicity is hard because we naturally want to add more to everything. Bigger is better, more features is better than fewer features, put everything you’re thinking about into the solution.

For every feature, detail, item, aspect and design element of the solution, consider:

Can I leave this out? Does this REALLY need to be there? Will this delight my customer?